Laura Lynch RMT, ART

about Laura LynchLaura has been practicing massage therapy since 2005 and is a senior staff member at Empowerment Massage Clinic. She specializes in ART, Acupuncture and Cupping Massage which she applies in most of her treatments. Her confidence is portrayed in her practice and knowledge of anatomy and pathologies of the body make her treatments specific to her client’s needs. She believes in educating her clients, and encourages them to engage in postural awareness and remedial exercises which empowers the healing process.

Laura leads a very healthy lifestyle and has been a long standing member at the YMCA. She participates in many outdoor activities such as running and cross country skiing but also has a passion for yoga. She believes that a well-balanced lifestyle not only enhances a healthy mind, but also helps to manage chronic pain, and will in turn, prevent re-injury.

Since studying Acupuncture in 2010, Laura has a firm understanding of how the body works in a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, which gives her the ability to treat more complex physical ailments. Laura is very passionate about her work and takes pride in what she does.

Laura specializes in: Acupuncture, A.R.T., and Cupping Massage.