Liza Papazian BA, RMT, ART

about Liza PLiza is the owner of Empowerment Massage Clinic and provides a dynamic combination of business skills with a solid foundation in therapeutic assessment and treatment of pathologies. She is a graduate of Bishop’s University (1995) with a degree in Business Administration and Political Studies.

She moved to Fredericton in 1998 and returned to school to study Massage Therapy. In April 2001, she graduated from Kine Concept Institute of Massage Therapy and earned the first “Outstanding Practical Hands-On Award” from the school. She is also the first Canadian to win the 2001 American Massage Therapy Association Scholarship Award which allowed her to start up her own business. Liza was a lead Instructor at Kine Concept from September 2001-2006 where she taught Remedial Exercise, Gross Anatomy and Therapeutic Massage Treatments and Assessment.

In 2004, Liza became certified in Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.) and now specializes in this area. She works closely with A.R.T. in order to accelerate the natural healing of soft tissue injuries. A.R.T. has offered her the exceptional tools necessary to unlock new or long-standing injuries that have not responded to other forms of treatment. She is available to offer presentations on A.R.T. upon request. A former elite level gymnast, she also brings a wealth of experience to her treatment of athletic injuries. She is an avid runner and a former boxer who has enjoyed traveling across the country for national level boxing events. Liza now spends her time closer to home and works tirelessly for the Empowerment way to health.

Liza is focused on providing the public with an accurate picture of how Therapeutic Massage can lead to improved health. The desire to educate the public regarding the true benefit of manual therapeutic treatments has led to the creation of Empowerment Massage Therapy. The approach to treatment incorporates the best of Massage Therapy and A.R.T. in order to achieve results efficiently. She is fully committed to establishing a top quality massage therapy facility offering relevant services to the public. Liza works one on one with staff members to hone skills, exchange ideas and help develop the Empowerment Massage approach.

Liza focuses on: Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.) Reiki, Rehabilitative Massage Techniques.