Active Release Technique (A.R.T.)

ARTActive Release Technique (A.R.T.) is a patented, soft tissue pain management system that uses massage based movements to resolve or decrease the effects of acute or chronic injuries. The therapist applies tension across the affected structures while the client performs active motions that break down scar tissue. It is a proven method to resolve pain and contractures in the body. ART is effective, time-conscious and empowers the clientʼs ability to manage physical health issues.

  • ART is performed over the clothes and clients are asked to wear comfortable clothing such as yoga pants, gym shorts and tank tops or sports bras.
  • A.R.T. is recognized by Johnsonʼs Insurance company as a modality in its own right and therefore provides added insurance coverage for this treatment.
  • A.R.T. is a world renowned treatment with the highest reputation for resolving soft tissue injuries and is frequently used for sports related injuries and their prevention.