How does ART improve athletic performance?

After patients have received ART treatments to resolve obvious soft-tissue injuries, they are often keen to return to activities and sports that were previously denied to them by their injury.

At this point, ART can provide patients with a means to enhance their sports performance by identifying and releasing restrictions that reduce their performance in that activity. This typically occurs after the practitioner conducts a biomechanical analysis of the patients motion. During the biomechanical analysis and the subsequent treatment, the practitioner:

  • Evaluates your gait, motion, and posture.
  • Identifies the biomechanical dysfunctions that are restricting your performance.
  • Finds the soft-tissue structures that are the primary cause of the biomechanical dysfunction as well as affected structures along the kinetic chain.
  • Treats the soft-tissue dysfunctions with ART to restore full function to the affected structures.

ART Performance Care has been used to improve athletic performance for everyone from the amateur athlete to Olympic Gold medalists. Many well-known athletes and celebrities have benefited from ART Performance Care, including:

  • NHL hockey player  Gary Roberts
  • Canadians Figure skaters and Olympic Gold medalists Jamie Sale and David Pelletier
  • Mr. Universe Milos Sarcev
  • Members of several Olympic teams, including the nations of Canada, United States, New Zealand, and Australia.
  • Numerous PGA Golf professionals.


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