Temporal Mandibular Joint Release (TMJ Release)

Many people unknowingly hold stress in their jaw. Jaw clenching or teeth grinding are common practices while stressed and commonly occur during sleep. These factors and many other issues can lead to TMJ pain. Other causative factors include accidents or surgeries that have damaged the muscles surrounding the mouth. In the short term, discomfort can feel like a nuisance that leads to tension headaches or occasional pain while chewing. In the long term, it can lead to chronic pain and permanent damage.

TMJ Release uses specific techniques that focus upon relaxing tense muscles. Work is performed on the client’s face and head to relax the masseter and temporalis. Massage to the internal and external surfaces of the mouth aid in the treatment of deeper muscle tissues. During this portion of the treatment, the client remains in full control of the treatment. Only one gloved finger is used for the intra-oral segment of the treatment. The techniques are designed to minimize the time spent on the inner jaw for the client’s comfort.

Treatments are performed in half hour increments, and are followed up with exercises to empower the client and prevent further damage.

Clients who benefit for TMJ Release:

  • High Stress Environment
  • Singers
  • Telecom workers
  • Trauma Victims with Neck and/or Face Injury
  • Stage Performers
  • Overbite/Underbite